children's ministries


Bible Learning Adventure & Scripture Training  

At Dorcas Wills we have transformed our Sunday School classrooms into colorful and exciting adventures that will encourage all kids to be a part of God's Life Adventure.

Every four weeks a new unit is introduced on a rotation schedule. Each experience reinforces the same principal, but is taught in different formats consisting of art, drama, games, and movies. All childen experience each method of teaching and love the variety.

Our four adventures consist of our "Art Tent", where kids create artwork related to each bible story. The "R.O.C.C. Arcade" where kids lead and play games that challenge them to understand, explain, reteach and better comprehend what the Bible is teaching. The "HolyWord Cinema" where we use video and film to view stories from the Bible. Interactiave discussions of these stories provide reinforcement of each lesson, and "Sunday Morning Live", where kids experience stories through puppets or use of costumes to bring the Bible story to life in a fun and stimulating way. 


A meal is served for all the children every Wednesday beginning at 5:00 PM at no charge in the Family Life Center throughout the school year. 

At 6:00 PM the children gather for Worship KidStyle and learn fun praise songs through watching excitiing music videos made just for kids. They then break off into their own grade/age level classes for learniing through bible stories, crafts and activities.